What North East Hydrahose Can Offer:

Hydraulic Hose Repair

The North East Hydrahose mobile van is crewed by fully trained, dedicated hydraulic hose engineer, offering a first-class service.  All North East Hydrahose engineers are trained to comply with the latest on-site health and safety regulations, and qualifications provided by the BFPA.

The van is stocked with a wide variety of hose, fittings and adaptors suitable for an extensive range of applications up to 1-1/4".  Should you require larger diameter hoses fabricated then arrangements can be made to accommodate this.

A North East Hydrahose engineer will travel to your site to replace hydraulic hoses, and any other hose applications, no matter what time of day as we offer a 24/7 emergency breakdown service with the goal of minimising your machine downtime and loss of production.  The mobile van is capable of carrying out on-site fault finding, hydraulic hose installation and customer support.  Our mobile hydraulic service van is located around the North East of Scotland covering Aberdeen, Aviemore through to Inverness and are available when you need them!

Scheduled Maintenance

See Scheduled Maintenance page for further details

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing can be achieved within the mobile workshop up to 700bar (10,000psi). Further testing and certification can be performed, however a lead time of 48hrs will be required.

Hose Protection

At North East Hydrahose we recognise that over time, hydraulic hoses may suffer from abrasion damage and general wear and tear.  As a result, North east Hydrahose can provide a range of products which helps to minimise this type of work related damage.

Hydraulic hose protection is safe, lightweight, and easy to apply.  Our hose protection is suitable for a wide variety of hose sizes, whilst ensuring maximum safety.  Installing an abrasion resistant cover is a cost effective way of extending the life of your hydraulic hoses with minimal fuss and effort, in the event of a failure some of our protective sleeves have dissipating properties to stop high pressure jets of oil from spraying over critical areas and can also prevent fluid injection injuries if personnel are working in close proximity to the hydraulic hose.

Products available:

  • Safe-Spiral Hose Protector

  • Flex-Spiral Hose protector

  • Safe Sleeve MSHA

  • Safeplast Binding Spiral

  • Safeplast Mining Spiral

  • Safe Sleeve PP

  • Safe Wrap

  • Safe Strip

Hose Tagging & Register

A tagging system is an accurate method for measuring hose performance and cycle life.  When a hose is installed, its productive life can often be assessed and scheduled for replacement before failure occurs.

Tags Provide Traceability To Your Hoses

Enabling you to answer these questions …

  • Are our hoses tagged and maintained?

  • Have our hoses been tested?

  • When were our hoses made and installed?

  • Is our equipment safe?

  • When were our hoses installed?

  • Who do I call for hose replacement?

Equipment Hire

See Equipment Hire page for further details

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil 32/46 is available on the work van to top up your machines system after hose failure, due to weight constraints only 20Ltrs of each oil type is carried.  Should you estimate your machine requires more than 20Ltrs, please notify engineer on initial contact in order extra oil can be delivered.

Green Ox AdBlue

Greenox is the complete AdBlue® solution for operators of diesel engined vehicles and machinery in the UK and Ireland.  AdBlue® is used to remove harmful Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions from the exhaust gas of diesel engines which are fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment systems.

Available in 10Ltr and 20Ltr Containers